Welcome To GCP

Founded on military discipline. Fueled by entrepreneurial spirit.

GCP is a private investment company that acquires small businesses with unrealized growth potential and commercializes promising new products and services.

GCP increases the value of investments by executing new sales & marketing strategies, deploying technology, optimizing expenses through the use of shared services & group purchasing, and hiring new talent to reinvigorate leadership teams.

GCP focuses on small businesses which fall below the threshold of most private equity firms. Additionally, GCP utilizes a holding company structure which enables it to focus on long term growth versus short-time exits tied to artificial timelines. 

What Sets Us Apart

Hiring Veterans

Veterans, specifically Junior Military Officers (JMO), represent some of the best leadership talent this country has to offer.  


Small Business Focus

Guidon Capital Partners focuses on small businesses.  The primary benefits of this focus include: 


Evergreen Investments

Traditional private equity firms operate closed end funds.  These funds have a typical term of 10-12 years.